Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Green Lake Chinese Restaurant

Chinese usually takes a back seat to all of my asian favorites. It never seems fresh. Not true at Green lake the place is very small so I recommend take out. Everthing is fresh. Looks like a typical Chinese take out but I think you'll taste the difference.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

West Inn Cantina This used to be my Cheers

Yes West Inn Cantina a home away from home. Live music Wed- Friday. A drive-thru package liquor store. Friendly wait staff and food that is way above the bar food standard. Fresh specials every night as well. Sit outside on the patio and you'll get less of a bar feel. Regulars always adorn the bar and for good reason. It is a place you want to keep coming back to. I met my boyfriend (now husband 4/11/09) there a year and a half ago and we now have a dog named Monty. (the place used be called Monty's and people still refer to it that way)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bistro Aix A Mixed Bag

Everyone raves so I had to go. The first time I went I had the pear salad and escargot and maybe I wasn't feeling to great that day but I was not impressed. The pear was not ripe the dressing was undetectable and the escargot had a dirt flavor and was in a sweet instead of savory puff pastry. Yipes

However, Bistro Aix and I had a rematch two Saturdays ago and I was very pleased! Our whole party of 15 enjoyed their meals and that says something with all the picky eaters out there. I choose Salmon as my theme. I had the Salmon Tartare which was delicious followed by the smoked salmon, caviar and creme fraishe pizza. I only had two small sized pieces since it was so big and I was already full from the tartare. I ate it later and it was just as wonderful.

Despite my mixed experience I would go back but have not had the chance since finding so many other places to try.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lake Shore Produce Market BEST Produce and Price hands down!

Sugar plums, berries, spinach, nuts, tomatos that taste like tomatos, flax sees, nut better, salad dressings, local eggs, local milk, local bread, local sausage, buffalo. Way better than the outdoor produce stands where everything is dirty. If they sold toilet paper and stoneyfield farm yogurt I could eliminate the grocery store altogether! I love this place.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cool Moose Coffee Company Inexpensive and relaxed with good food to boot

As you may see from my reviews I do the brunch thing quite often. This is one of my favorite places. Casual enough to roll in pajamas. The have a standard menu but have some really cool specials as well I have blue corn grits with andoille sausage my mom enjoyed banana foster pancakes before. My new favorite is the hello which is a toasted everything bagel with garlic, onion, smoked salmon and cream cheese. When you are broke and need a bite... They have eggs, cheese, meat sandwiches that are barely more expensive than BK or MCD and I would much rather eat here. My boyfriend loves there coffee I don't drink coffee but it is supposed to me good. I think it is green mountain brand and self serve.

The Costa Rica breakfast special is awesome when you are there beg them to add it to the menu

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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Get bushel you will kick yourself if you just get a dozen. The bushel is steamed. If you prefer raw you can get them by the dozen. Or try the Oyster Rockefeller or Casino. Lots of other good stuff on the menu but I just focus on oysters here. Wonderful on a Sunday after the beach. You can go in sandy or sit outside very laid back.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Burrito Gallery $7 for three of my favorite tacos on the planet!

It says burrito in the name and they are good but I love the tacos they are soooo fresh. I like the mahi or carnitas or shimp or steak. No problem you can order one of each. It is like $7 for three tacos! The chimichurri sauce and homemade salsa verdi are fantastic. It does not come with stupid beans and rice to fill you up. There is also have a cool bar out back. I had my birthday and a friends engagement party here we had a blast. Music is usually going on in the back. If you go on an artwalk wednesday it is packed.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Rock Shrimp Pizza -- Mango Chicken Quesadilla

I have had several items from the menu but these are my favorites! Also a great place for brunch. A nice selection of high end teas and coffees. Grab the paper and read it cover to cover. It is usually pretty busy but a wonderful atmosphere to relax in. I love BB's on the other side of the river too!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mantra Boston, MA

Mozzarella and Green Chili Naan
Yum I cam still taste this! I popped in a business trip alone I just snuck into the bar and had some great apps and wine. Wonderful!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Brick for Brunch

Tour De Brunch

Several friends said they didn't enjoy the food that much when they went. Perhaps it was right after they first opened. I have always enjoyed what I ordered for dinner. The brunch to me though is the reason for coming. My favorite rendition of huevos rancheros ever!. A tortilla, poached eggs, fresh avocado, black beans and wonderful! They also have a selection of Benedict's that are superb ...crab cake, tenderloin, regular. The outside seating is nice. I wanted to add we actually did a tour de brunch when Lance was doing the tour de france. This was a stop as well at Biscotti's, Metro Diner (San Marco) and Cool Moose.

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