Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bistro Aix A Mixed Bag

Everyone raves so I had to go. The first time I went I had the pear salad and escargot and maybe I wasn't feeling to great that day but I was not impressed. The pear was not ripe the dressing was undetectable and the escargot had a dirt flavor and was in a sweet instead of savory puff pastry. Yipes

However, Bistro Aix and I had a rematch two Saturdays ago and I was very pleased! Our whole party of 15 enjoyed their meals and that says something with all the picky eaters out there. I choose Salmon as my theme. I had the Salmon Tartare which was delicious followed by the smoked salmon, caviar and creme fraishe pizza. I only had two small sized pieces since it was so big and I was already full from the tartare. I ate it later and it was just as wonderful.

Despite my mixed experience I would go back but have not had the chance since finding so many other places to try.