Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ruth's Chris Steak House

We love steak so when I took my husband here I knew it would be good. In fact it was great. The intense heat they use with the seasoning is excellent and also reminds me this is what they are know for, steak is in the name. I always get a filet mignon because the size and tenderness whenever I order steak and it was indeed wonderful. However we got a bit more imaginative with Matt's order. I asked them what cut of steak did they have that was different that not every place has. That my friend is when we learned of the Cowboy Ribeye. Oh my it is the ribeye with the bone in. It gives it such an intense great flavor. It was so awesome Matt wanted to pick up the bone and chew on it which I said he really should not do at this lovely establishment. However this is such a phenom that they had bone doggie bags so Matt could munch at home and then give said bone to our dog.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

13 Gypsies

We went for Mandy's birthday soon after they opened. Just the girls and some wines and we all ordered different tapas to share. It was wonderful angry bull and blackened octopus were my favorites.

Now I get to pop in for lunch when I can and the double cow of hot roast beef is great. I also like whatever soup is cooking.

If you are set on going here you may want to make reservations (even for lunch) the place is tiny. It is worth it though and Kiki and Chef deliver very person service.

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