Thursday, February 05, 2009

Taco Lu's

I have many favorite Mexican / Fresh Mex / Southwestern places but I have different things that I like at each place. I heard Taco Lu's was great but I was scared I love the Tacos from Burrito Gallery and I didn't want that to change. Good news I love the Taco Lu tacos (we got a couple of each kind to try at the table) but all the insides are totally different from Burrito Gallery. Taco Lu's is out of my way but if I need a bangin' shrimp or lamb taco I'm gonna make that drive stat.

Here is a summary of some of my favorites in the same genre
MossFire seared ahi tacos or buffalo shrimp toastada
Tijuana Flats Dos Tacos beef and black bean crunchy shell bjolts(jalenpeno, onion, lettuce, tomato, sour cream)I have no clue about that b
Burrito Gallery my new favorites are terayaki tofu (this comes in a burrito too!) or black bean tacos (also love the steak, carnitas and shrimp)
Cantina Laredo top shelf guac and the CAMARON POBLANO ASADA

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