Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Trip to the Riverside Arts Market this Season

RAM opened last weekend but I wanted to make sure to visit this weekend because Toyota's Farm to Table Tour kicked off at our very own Arts Market! There were herbs giveaways, Prius test drives and cooking demos. I was lucky to walk up to a chef table where I saw Brian the Chef from Orsay passing out the most delicious pork sliders with sauteed onions -- Delicious. I carried it around for an hour and a half so my husband could have a bite.

These were my other highlights today and are already added to my shopping list for next week;

Happy Trails Stepping Stones

We bought one of these stones last year for Matt's parents it is beautiful and will buy more from them. The website doesn't include all the designs that they have available. They also shipped it to New Hampshire for us so we didn't have to mess with it.

Brown Owl Designs

Has adorable onesies, blankets and headbands. I already regret not getting one of her headbands today but I guarantee it is on my shopping list for next week.

JD Beef

Farm fresh free range all natural angus beef, those eight words should leave most people salivating. I am beyond excited that this farm in Georgia takes orders and you can get your beef right at the art market. Their quarter side of beef runs between 120 -150 lbs and has approximately;

  • 8 t-bones

  • 4 ribeyes

  • 2 sirloins

  • 4 cube steaks

  • 4 round steaks

  • 7 roasts

  • 1 boneless brisket

  • 32- 2lb packs of ground beef

If you buy this much you get it for an insane $4.oo a lb! The good news is they have smaller packages available since the quarter listed above almost fills most stand alone freezers. How exciting farm to table not just for the professional chefs.

Tres Leches Desserts

The desserts at this table looked so unbelievable and fresh. I'm dying to go to their storefront in Springfield. I saw them cutting this Dark Chocolate Raspberry cake and it looked like flourless cake. There was also tres leches and a chocolate marquise that she decribed to me as cookies and cream. Not having tried anything I can't say but judging from the smells, sights and crowd around this booth everything tastes as good as it looks. Now to decide what to order from here!

The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe

This soap smells so wonderful when I turned into the aisle I could smell them four booths down. Fresh, clean and natural! They supply soapmakers and aromatherapists with supplies but for those of us that are lazy they also make & sell glorious handmade soaps

Just look at this List of Fresh Handmade Soap

• I Love My Oats
• Sexy Beast
• Lemongrass
• Pumpkin Pie
• Jasmine & Rose
• Blue Ice
• Cocoa Clay Facial
• Goatsmilk & Eucalyptus
• Goatsmilk & Lavender
• Indigo Lavender
• Honey Love
• Nori Seaweed
• Rose Soap
• Panache "The Fig"
• Olea Clay Facial Soap
• Rosa Clay Facial Soap
• Pomegranate
• Calamine
• Choc-O-Mint
• Dirty Hippie
• Flower Child
• Demonoid
• Snowflake
• Cocoa Clay Facial Soap
• Love My Hair - Solid Shampoo Bar
• Heads Zup - Solid Shampoo Bar
• Lemon Iceburg
• Lilac
• Grapefruit Toot
• I'm Too Sexy for My Dirt
• Secret Happiness
• The Man Soap
• Mango-Nana
• Rosemary Me
• Coconut Cream
• Amore'
• Lavender & Oatmeal

Last but definately not least this last company is coming to the Art Market every Saturday from Clearwater, Fl a four hour trek each way!

Brooklyn Knish
Armed with coolers and a small oven this booth was turning out hot amazing looking pastries. I had one look at the menu and asked about the appetizer sized knish. I will be calling Monday and having them make me 25 Ruben and 25 Artichoke, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese & Chive appetizer sized knish that I can pick up at next Saturday's Art Market. I'm having a party and while it doesn't exactly fit the theme I know they will be a hit. I'm especially excited about the Ruben since I was informed they age their own corned beef.

Aged Cheddar Cheese & Potato $4.00
Beef Brisket Knish $4.50
Breakfast Knish - Bacon $4.50
Breakfast Knish - Plain $4.50
Breakfast Knish - Sausage $4.50
Broccoli, Cheddar & Potato $4.00
Chicken Pot Pie & Potato $4.50
Classic Potato $3.50
Corned Beef & Potato $4.50
Hebrew National Hot Dog & Potato $4.50
Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese & Potato $4.00
Kasha $3.50
Spanakopita $4.00
Spinach, Mushroom & Potato $4.00
Sweet Potato Knish $3.50
Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Spice $3.50
Artichoke, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese & Chive $4.00

So I told myself I wouldn't go around impluse buying everything I saw but I found some wonderful unique products that I HAVE to go back for... is it Saturday yet?

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