Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Foodie Beer Dinner

This orientation problem sure does make a case for my easy blogger driod updates, never had this happen with my regular camera. I've reloaded multiple times and am considered computer savvy but I'm over it so sorry about the pictures below.

Cari food lover, world traveler, food blogger cari_viCARIous who also now works as Business Manager for Intution Ale Works had the brilliant idea of getting food bloggers together for a potluck and beer tasting. When food lovers get together lookout! We ate food, we talked food and we enjoyed the People's Pale Ale and I-10 IPA (I forgot to have a glass of this, so I must put it on the to do list.) I was least impressed with my own creations of swiss chard with sunday bacon and curried pumpkin soup. My taste buds much prefered tasting everyone elses offerings.

These bravo potatoes were fiery. I believe they had red pepper, garlic, beer, peppers and potatoes.

Nancy's Pork and Chiles was incredible spicy but not overwhelming. I was lucky enough to be able to take some home and the next day paired it was a slice of the slightly sweet guiness bread. YUM and perfect for this frigid weather we are so not used to.

Organic swiss chard with unccured applegate sunday bacon. Next time I would make it right before serving and use let bacon. It ended up quite soggy but lucky bacon cures most ills.

Fredrick made this guiness bread and I for one will hunt him down for the recipe. He said there was a bottle of guiness in each loaf. It had a touch of sweetness but wasn't a dessert bread. This must make an appreance at our St. Pat's potluck!

The guiness beef stew was also Frederick's creation and it was delicious I have made mine in a very long time so I don 't know if my recipe is as good. It would probably be wise for me to compare the recipe before I make it again. I thought my liquid was more like gravy and his more like au jus.

Great tablescape at Cari's

Awesome cheese plate; hard cheese, stinky chesse, creamy cheese and goey sweet topped cheese!

Datil Pepper jelly from Bistro de Leon (I need to get a jar asap), guava paste, honey comb and marcona almonds

Jodi made the most wonderful stout chocolate cakes I eat it so fast it didn't get it's picture taken. I would also love to request the recipe these would make a great St. Pat's addition.
Those that had the stout cakes at Cari's had it served with ganache, pepita brittle and sorbet!

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Frederick Wright said...

It was a wonderful night! Thanks so much for documenting everything. The energy and positivity in the room was as nourishing as the food.

We should all post our recipes somewhere in a common area if possible. And let us not leave out that mysterious and addictive pepita brittle.

Kickin' Around... said...

What a fantastic evening of incredible food, unique people, and interesting conversation. Each food item I sampled was just divine! Honestly, it is hard to say what I liked the most as I liked EVERYTHING.

The beer sampled from Intuition Ale Works hit high on the scorecard for me and I am typically fussy about the beer I consume. Can't wait to do the brewery tour.

As Fred stated, thanks for documenting everything in such detail. Makes it easier to recall all the great food.

Best Regards,


Meisha said...

Yes please feel free to leave recipes here!

Also I would be up for hosting a dinner once the holiday craziness is over.

Nancy White said...

It was great to spend time with so many people who share the same passion for good food. Enjoyed meeting some for the first time IRL and getting to know some friends a little better.

Cari did an awesome job of pulling it all together and making it seem effortless!